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Sitemap 16 the future of ICT
This publication reports on the results of the second enterprise survey in this area. The survey was undertaken by all EU Member States and Norway."> A total of 136 Go Digital awareness events were organised throughout Europe, with a total of more than 11550 participants. The number of participants differed greatly between the different events, depending on the target group, the organisation and the themes. All events were organised under the responsibility of the contractor, with only little guidance from the European Commission. Therefore, it is difficult to present the results in a homogenous manner or to draw general conclusions."> The European Commission, Enterprise Directorate General, launched the e-Business Market Watch (the e-Business W@tch) to monitor the growing maturity of electronic business across different sectors of the economy in the European Union. Since January 2002 the e-Business W@tch has been covering seven manu-facturing and eight financial and service sectors. Results have been published in quarterly sector impact studies and newsletters, along with a set of statistics and other material on e-business. This is the second synthesis report of the e-Business W@tch, summarising main results of the sector impact studies and particularly of the second e-Business Survey, carried out in March 2003.
Survey of European Universities Skills in ICT of Students and Staff
E-commerce and the Internet in European businesses
The Go Digital Awareness Campaign 2001-2003: The main lessons to be learnt
The European e-Business Report
Rethinking The European ICT Agenda

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