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Sitemap 14 the future of Architecture
Programmable architecture is the new paradigm for the first decade of the 21st century: A complete new paradigm for architecture is constructed here: architecture can no longer be solid as a rock, architecture can no longer be regarded as a static endproduct. Materials become programmable, materials become unpredictable as the weather. Materials start to behave as a swarm of birds continuously calculating their positions in relation to the others and continuously adjusting their courses accordingly. Architecture will be the art of building and navigating through data-driven constructs, atmospheres and materials. And this will dramatically change one's perception of buildings and of environments in general. "> New building technologies and materials coupled with a modular construction system o er consumers an unprecedented chance to customize their living spaces. At the center of this customization process is a computa- tional tool that guides consumers through the process of designing a home or apartment. Algorithms for architec- tural computational critics that are trained by a designer through examples and that can then critique designs is proposed as part of the design tool. A prototype system encompassing two apartment design scenarios is built and tested. The prototype demonstrates the ability to learn architectural concepts through training."> Homes in the future will contain many new and complex activities, becoming centers for work, commerce, learning, proactive health care, distributed energy production, etc.. The baby boomer and GenX population are demanding choice and tailored solutions in all products they buy, including homes. The combination of societal and market forces will require new ways of designing, building, and integrating technologies into places of living. "> At MIT, a multi-disciplinary team of researchers is studying how to create pervasive computing environments for the home. We are developing technologies and design strategies that use context-aware sensing to empower people with information by presenting it at precisely the right time and place."> An interdisciplinary team is developing technologies and design strategies that use context-aware sensing to empower people by presenting information at precisely the right time and place. The team is designing a living laboratory to study technology that motivates behavior change in context.">
Buildings are complex adaptive systems
Training Architectural Computational Critics by Example
A Platform for Consumer Driven Participative Design of Open (Source) Buildings
Designing and Evaluating Supportive Technology for Homes
Designing a Home of the Future

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