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Sitemap 13 the future of Healthcare
Using laser light as tweezers and a scalpel, scientists from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have demonstrated the use of artificial cells as nanovials for ultrasmall volume chemistry. The approach may be useful for faster, cheaper identification of new pharmaceuticals and for studying cellular-level processes. The researchers will report their results in the Sept. 30 edition of Langmuir. "> The report is based on the reliable data available in the Member States, which are not always as com-plete as one might wish. Nevertheless, they have permitted the group to provide an interesting overview of key features of the health status of the population and of health determinants. Citizens of the Community have never lived so long, and life expectancy is still increasing. However, there is still a significant level of preventable morbidity and mortality before the age of 65 years. This is associ-ated with accidents and injuries, suicide and mental disorders, some types of cancers, circulatory dis-eases, infections, and respiratory illnesses. Many of these conditions are amenable to effective pre-vention, promotion and therapeutic interventions that delay either the age of onset or, as a result of better survival, push forward the age of demise.
"> In the next decade, baby boomers - the 77 million Americans born between 1946 and 1964 - will establish a new concept of health as they age and become America's senior citizens."> Maintaining a balance between healthcare costs and income is the biggest challenge faced by the markets reviewed in the IMS Market Prognosis Central & Eastern Europe report. In line with government efforts to curb rising healthcare debts/costs within the region, the proportion of gross domestic product (GDP) allocated to healthcare spending has remained either static or has fallen in the last one-two years.">
The GLOBE study is a prospective cohort study specifically aimed at the explanation of socio-economic inequalities in health in the Netherlands.
With the successful conclusion of the TM-Alliance project, this prestigious consortium has just formulated a strategic Vision for the European Commission. With the underlying philosophy that a vision must be far-sighted, clear, and holistic in order to have a good chance of being accepted and successfully implemented, the consortium formulated a vision for harnessing the salient attributes of information and communication technologies (ICT) towards facilitating citizen-centred healthcare in Europe by the year 2010.
"> One asks what the management issues of health are today. Perhaps, the first question leads to a second question. What are the roles of health leaders today? Truly, primeval purpose might look establishing strategy. Strategy is transformational of institutional economics. It mandates in both public and private sectors the distinction of competitive identity and status in the tribes. In the act of grasping strategy, order is attempted, building directional ability or functional disability. "> Somewhere, there must be a designed action plan for that pet dog on a key chain using a common language and a common framework. A mind map of actionable SMART objectivity (specific, measurable, assignable, reasonable and time relative) and associative measure. But, how do we measure? Is their “this”, the same as my “this”? Is their “to” the same as my “to”? ">
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