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Sitemap 09 the future of Media & Entertainment
I am a serious movie fan, and so the other night I had a bizarre dream: I was catapulted into the opening scene of my own sequel of ‘Mission: Impossible’, and the mission – should I chose to accept it - was to rebuild the music business from scratch. The industry we know it was “Gone with the Wind”, and it was my job to reassemble it.
Despite the distinct megalomania flavor (which, you have to admit, is a distinct component of every ‘Mission: Impossible’), this idea resonated nicely in a “Titanic” kind-of- way and I agreed to accept the mission. The next morning I awoke and felt that I had to try to deliver what I promised, dream or not. Yes, I know “What Lies Beneath” but… ‘A few good men’ must do it.
So, here is my 10-step program for the Impossible Mission of restructuring the music business, ‘Men in Black’ notwithstanding.
"> This report focuses on four new entertainment media: Web logging (blogging), digital music, massively multiplayer online games, and alternate reality games.
"> New technologies are driving the world toward more connectivity. As these technologies mature and interact with one another, they will create an increasingly complex world, drive new behaviors, and create more transparency."> Today's world of increasing market fragmentation calls into question the effectiveness of the segmentation methods companies use to understand their markets and address consumer needs."> Explosive growth of wireless networks and devices will have a huge impact on the core network itself. The network equipment infrastructure, converged devices and valuable services that are enabling the unwired future represent an enormous opportunity for computing and communication companies and the businesses and consumers they serve."> The European regional conference proposes the vision of an Information Society, where all persons, without distinction of any kind, exercise their right to freedom of opinion and expression, including the freedom to hold opinions without interference, and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers. "> We are moving towards an era of software-based musical instruments, intelligent accompanists, and music as information, says Ray Kurzweil in highlights from his keynote speech at the 2003 Audio Engineering Society convention. "> To make a fair prediction of where the future of Digital Media and Home Entertainment is heading, an analysis of its history is imperative. There are major lessons to be learned from the past, since many initiatives failed to succeed while some became a huge success."> This book shows how the IST Priority is working towards a vision of the future of IST that puts people first (“ambient intelligence”). It focuses on the use of IST within three key settings: by individuals and in the home (intelligent spaces); by enterprises and in the workplace (the knowledge economy); and by public services and society at large (digital communities). A fourth section covers core technologies which underpin future services and applications across these scenarios (enabling technologies).

The book presents a snapshot of the IST Priority at the current time, providing insights on what, in many ways, is a complex and intricate RTD effort. This edition focuses, in particular, on the transition from the 5th to the 6th Framework Programme of EU funded research. The articles outline the rationale for and objectives of IST research, as well as key technological challenges and policy issues relating to specific areas of the programme. They also summarise recent IST projects and describe results from certain completed projects. Each of the articles is referenced to relevant Strategic Objectives under the IST Work Programme 2003-2004.
"> The music industry is in a very exciting if somewhat stressful transition phase - and one through which the other so-called 'content industries' (film, television and publishing) will also have to pass. Seven years after the first digital music 'revolution' and the subsequent burst of the .com bubble, the 'creatives' (musicians, producers, writers, composers…) are finally starting to get a glimpse of what a 'second generation music business' may ultimately have in store for them: less hassle and more cash. "> Two representatives from the Australian Communication Authority Vision 20/20 team undertook an international road test of the preliminary outcomes of the project to date. It was also an opportunity to discuss strategic implications with relevant experts and agencies including the Club of Amsterdam. "> Publishing Market Watch is a 12 month project analysing the competitiveness of the European publishing industry. It is being undertaken on behalf of the European Commission’s DG Enterprise by a team led by Rightscom, a specialist consultancy based in London (, with a substantial contribution from the Turku School of Economics and Business Administration (Media Group) in Finland ( The project will help the European Commission understand the challenges faced by the publishing industry in Europe, and will provide publishers with valuable additional intelligence that will help them focus their efforts to maintain or improve their competitiveness.
"> This volume explores the role of the media as a watchdog of government and the corporate sector, and the policies that prevent the media from exercising that role. The book assesses the media’s function as transmitters of new ideas and information.Press Release "Free and Independent Media Empower the Poor and Spur Development" "> Milverton Wallace's contribution to the process of re-thinking the concept and practice of literacy for the digital age and the iPod/Google generation."> The OECD has published a panel report on content and broadband. The panel was designed to analyse and discuss changing digital broadband content value chains and business models and help identify new challenges and issues facing the development and delivery of digital content.
"> Why the music industry should pay very close attention to blogs, photo-sharing, ringtone-mixers, and social networking ">
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